The KLGU runs a no of open competitions during the year. These competitions are rotated around the various affiliated Clubs
For three consecutive years (2013-2015) All KLGU competitions have been sponsored by Kenya Orient Insurance Company LTD. KLGU thanks KOIL for this generous sponsorship
Anchor Sponsor for KLGU Competitions 2013-2015


This is an annual fun event open to past/current Lady Captains playing against Past/Current KLGU Chairmen and sitting Council Members. The date and Venue is  decided and communicated to affiliated Clubs by KLGU Council
In 2015, KLGU vs LCS was played at Muthaiga Golf Club on 26th January 2015. A record 36 ladies played

klgu vs lcs

Eileen Belcher Tournament
This tournament rotates around Clubs in Nairobi. it is played over 2 days, 36 Holes on the 1st and 18 Holes on the second day.
Clubs are placed into regions, each region is identified by a colour and each region forms a no of teams in Silver and Bronze divisions to compete against the other regions. The no of divisions ( currently A,B,C), Zones, COP and teams are determined and published by KLGU Council each year
This is a foursome Matchplay off scratch. 2points are scored for a match won( or forfeited through disqualification or a no-show), 1point for a match halved and 0 point for a match lost
In 2015, Eileen Belcher tournament was played at Royal Nairobi Golf Club on 28th February and 1st March. There were 3 divisions and 4 zones, green, red, blue and yellow formed as follows:
Green….Muthaiga,Golf Park, Railways
Blue…… Karen, Limuru and Western
Red……Royal, Windsor and Coast
Yellow..Vet Labs, Sigona and Central
Winners: Division A( Eileen Belcher Trophy) Green on 18 points (PHOTO)
: Div B. ( Sinclair Quiach) Red on 14points (PHOTO)
: Div C. ( Palmer Trophy). Green won on 18 points.(PHOTO)
Kenya Orient Insurance Ltd sponsored this event for the third year running.

teamA teamC teamb


Kenya Ladies Open Meeting ( 36 Holes)  (PHOTOS OF WINNERS/PLAYERS)
This is a Strokeplay off scratch event played over 36 Holes. The main Trophy was donated by Major Leonard in 1937, whose daughter Mary had won the inaugural championship in 1932, as his contribution towards encouraging ladies’ golf in Kenya
Trophies:      Leonard to HC 20 and under
Modera Bowl for HC 21-35. This trophy was donated by Colonel F Stewart Modera in 1937
This  competition qualifies for Silver and Bronze Golfer of the year points. Both rounds have to be played in order to qualify for GOTY points and a prize
The inter-clubs Plate and Cup are played alongside this tournament for Silver and Bronze respectively. A maximum of 4 and minimum of 2 ladies are nominated by each participating club from Silver and Bronze divisions each. A total gross for the best 2 in silver and 2 in bronze count towards the plate and cup respectively with the lowest aggregate gross score winning the Plate and Cup respectively
In  2015, the tournament was played at Limuru Country Club on 25/4/2015 where 87 ladies played. The Silver winner was Agnes Nyakio on 155 Gross, While the Bronze winner was J Kubo on 184 Gross

KLGU Fundraiser
Over the years KLGU has organised a fundraising golf event every year to raise funds towards charity.
The 2015 event was held at Vet Labs Sports Club on 22nd May.
The event was a success with 156 golfers participating and raising about Shs 1,300,000. The funds have been used to send the Kenya ladies team to Malawi for the E&CARC ( Pre AACT) and to pay school fees for needy girls that KLGU sponsors through Secondary School.

Kenya Ladies Open Amateur Stroke play Championships 54 Holes
This tournament is played over 54 Holes off scratch. COP are published by KLGU.

There are 4 Trophies
: Mary Neville Trophy is won by the player with the lowest gross score over the 54 Holes
: Dolan Bowl is won by the lowest gross score for HC 10-19 over 54 Holes
: Sigona Quiach goes to the player with the lowest gross score in HC 20-31 over 54 Holes
: Mary Wambugu Trophy is won by the lowest gross score for HC 31-35 over 54 Holes
In 2015 this tournament was played at Sigona Golf Club on 30th and 31st May
The winners of the trophies were as follows:
: Mary Neville Trophy..Madina Iddi  of Tanzania on 236 gross
: Dolan Bowl..Serah Khanyereri on 248 gross
: Sigona QUAICH.. Hu Yu on 299 gross
: Mary Wambugu trophy.. Hilda Mugure on 325 gross
KLGU has introduced a prize for Senior Ladies to encourage them to participate
In 2015 the Senior Ladies winner was Mary Karano on 248 gross

Trustee Miss Moona Mwila of Zambia

This tournament is played by the Countries in the East& Central African Region as a Pre-cursor to the All Africa Challenge Trophy (AACT). These Countries are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Reunion, Zambia and Malawi. The tournament rotates around these Countries and is played every 2 years on the year after the AACT
It is an individual Stroke play competition where 4 players from each Country play 3rounds of 18 holes each and the best 3 scores count in each round. The Country with the lowest aggregate gross score over the 3 rounds lifts the Trophy
In 2015, this tournament was played in Malawi from 1st to 3rd June. The participating Countries were Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda. Zambia emerged winners in all categories with Kaela Mulenga and Tina Nawa winning individual and Junoir trophies respectively. Kenya came in 3rd after fielding the youngest team members of Kellie Gachaga ( the youngest player of the tournament at 15 years and runner up in Junior Category), Joyce Wanjiru, Agnes Nyakio and Mercy Nyanchama. The KLGU Chairman, Mary Wambugu was the team manager
The current E&CARC  Trustee is Miss Moona Mwila of Zambia.

Kenya Ladies Open Amatuer Matchplay Championships
This ia a Matchplay competition off scratch. It is open to all Amateur lady golfers with a CONGU HC and who are members of an affiliated Club of KLGU, LGU and USGA
Each match is played over 18 holes. In the event of a match being all square, the competitors continue to play from the 1st hole until on competitor gains a hole and the match is won.
The winner of the Championship becomes the Silver winner of the year while the Bronze Winner becomes the Bronze winner of the year. The Silver divisionTrophy was donated by Mrs Irene Coldwell while the Bronze division trophy was donated by Dr Simpson, OEB. The Trophies are kept by the Club(s) from which the winner(s) entered.
The HC categories are
– Amateur Championship Plus to 20
– Silver Championship. 13-20
– Bronze Championship. 21-35
2 subsidiary competitions are played by those who are knocked out
– Foursome on Saturday afternoon is played off 1/2 the aggregate of the 2 players with a maximum of 18 stroke
– Stableford off full HC subsidiary is played on Sunday morning
The 2015 tournament was played at Vet Lab Sports Club on 4th and 5th July.

The winners were: Amateur Championship- Serah Kanyereri, Silver- Michelle Kanaiya and Bronze- Ashley Awour


Gilberson and Paige (G&P)
In January 1969, G&P trophy came into effect thanks to its sponsors Jack Gilberson and Reg. Paige of Zambia. It was initially played between Zambia and EALGU ( Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). 6 years later Zimbabwe joined and the first triangular trophy ( Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe) was played in 1983.
The event takes place every 2years in rotation. There are 2 test matches, each consisting of 3foursomes in the morning and 6 single matches in the afternoon
This is a Matchplay tournament off scratch
COP of play and selection of teams are sent out to Clubs by KLGU when necessary.

Since inception G&P has been played and won as follows:
Year.                                             Country.                                                                                  Winner

1969.                                  Zambia                                                                                   East Africa
1971.                                   Zambia.                                                                                  Tie
1972.                                   E Africa. E Africa                                                                 East Africa
1974                                    Zambia.                                                                                  E Africa
1981.                                   Zambia.                                                                                  Zambia
1982.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Kenya
1983.                                   Zambia.                                                                                   Zimbabwe
1984.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Kenya
1985.                                   Zimbabwe.                                                                             Zimbabwe
1986.                                   Zambia.                                                                                   Zimbabwe
1987.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Kenya
1988.                                   Zimbabwe.                                                                             Zimbabwe
1989.                                   Zambia.                                                                                   Zambia
1990.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Kenya
1991.                                   Zimbabwe.                                                                             Zimbabwe
1993.                                   Zambia.                                                                                   Zimbabwe
1995.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Zimbabwe
1997.                                   Zimbabwe.                                                                             Zimbabwe
1999                                  . Zambia.                                                                                   Zimbabwe
2001.                                   Kenya.                                                                                     Zimbabwe
2003.                                   Zimbabwe.                                                                             Zimbabwe
2005.                                   Zambia.                                                                                   Zimbabwe
2007.                                   Kenya
2009.                                   Not Played
2011.                                   Zambia.                                                                                  Kenya
2013.                                   Kenya.                                                                                    Kenya
2015.                                   Zimbabwe