Ladies’ golf in Kenya came about in the early 1930’s and has gone through many phases to the present.

In December 1935,a band of enthusiastic ladies met at Muthaiga Golf Club and discussed ways and means of establishing a ladies’ section under the auspices of the men’s Union KGU. The KGU gave approval but advised the ladies to form their own Union. KLGU Constitution was then established.

Uganda and Tanzania were then taken in as affiliates and in 1947, the EALGU was formed comprising of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. A new Constitution was drawn to accommodate the wider region.

In March 1977, the name of the Union was changed to Kenya Ladies Golf Union, with Uganda and Tanzania affiliated to KLGU.

In the las 70 years, to 2015, ladies’ golf in Kenya has grown from strength to strength with membership growing to about 200. KLGU participates in most continental and regional tournaments including AACT, G&P, AND E&CARCT. In 1994, KLGU hosted the All Africa Challenge Trophy (AACT) with entries from11 Countries and for the second time in 2014 where 17 Countries participated.

KLGU has not forgotten the less fortunate. From funds raised, the Union pays tuition fees for disadvantaged girls through secondary school education.

The KLGU Golfer of the Year (GOTY) Trophy is aimed at promoting ladies’ golf in all parts of the Country.

The KLGU also helps to promote Junior Golf by contributing finances and also seconding KLGU members to sit on the JGF Board of Trustees.

The Union also assists at the Kenya Open

The Kenya Ladies Golf Union can today look back at its history with pride and confidence for the future of ladies’ golf in Kenya. Presently, ladies golf is in the hands of a well structured and organized executive Council whose Motto is “ To develop and promote to the highest possible standards, the collective interests of ladies’ golf at all levels”