History of RNGC Shield

In 1953, the Ladies’ Committee of Royal Nairobi Golf Club decided to present a Shield to the East African Ladies’ Golf Union. The primary objective was to foster team spirit amongst the higher handicap members of Clubs. This shield is still competed for today under the same spirit.

These are inter-club Matchplay foursomes played off 3/8 of aggregate difference with Maximum strokes determined by KLGU. Only Bronze players are eligible to play.2 points for a won match, 1 for a halved match and 0 for a loss. The COP are published by KLGU every year.



  1. Only players of handicap 21 and above are eligible to play in the Clubs’ teams.


RNGC matches will be played using the CONGU recommendation for Foursomes Match play, which is ½ the difference between aggregate handicaps of each side, MAXIMUM 5 STROKESwith each Club playing on “Home” and one “Away” match against each of the competing clubs.


  1. A team shall consist of three couples. Players, who have played once in the Francombe Shield during the year, are not eligible to play in the RNGC Shield.


  1. The respective Team Captains must simultaneously exchange their teams and playing order TEN MINUTES BEFORE THE OFFICIAL STARTING TIME OF 00 PM. (If there is an agreed change of time, the same conditions of exchange apply)


  1. Subsequent matches will tee off at seven minutes intervals thereafter.


  1. The Rules of Golf governing lateness on the tee in Match play Competition will apply i.e. should a player arrive up to 5 minutes late – loss of first hole, more than 5 minutes late – loss of match. (Rule 6-3).


  1. Players should adhere to the order of play as set out by their respective Captains, and any team member who does not do so should forfeit the match. A reserve may be substituted for a team member.  Each team will be allowed two reserves per “Home” and “Away” match.


  1. A walkover may be claimed whenever the opposing team member fails to tee off at the stipulated time. (This does not affect the substitution of the reserve – see Condition No. 6. See also Condition No. 5 concerning lateness).


  1. Scoring: 2 points for a win

1 point for a draw

2 points for a conceded match


  1. To play in the Shield, every player must at the beginning of the year, nominate the Club she is to represent, and may not thereafter during that year, play for any other Club. A player must be a Full Member of the Club she represents (i.e. paying an annual subscription).  The nominated Club need not be the player’s home handicap Club.


  1. In the event of a club not being able to host or participate in a scheduled match, or the two Conveners agreeing to play on an alternative day or time, confirmation of cancellation or alternative day or time and a request for a revised date must be received in writing, at least 10 days before the scheduled date by the KLGU Convener and the Captain of the opposing team. This confirmation should be preceded by telephone calls to the KLGU Convener and the Captain of the other Club.


  1. In the event of a tie, the two Clubs shall play an 18 hole match on the Royal Nairobi Golf Club course, or on neutral ground should Royal’s Shield team be involved. In the event of a second tie, there will be sudden death. The sudden death to be played at RNGC. If RNGC team is involved, the sudden death will be played at Muthaiga. If Muthaiga and RNGC teams are involved, then the sudden death will be played at Vet Lab. Clubs playing sudden death will pay their own bills.


  1. If a club fails to produce a team for two consecutive matches, that team shall withdraw from Competition, any scores involving that team shall be cancelled. All Matches must be completed by 22nd September, 


  1. The KLGU Convener for RGNC 2015 is:





CELL 0722 240 368, E-MAIL: grandmatoto@hotmail.com