History of Francombe Shield Matches

Mrs Peggy Francombe, in an effort to encourage ladies’ Club Matches, presented a Shield in 1951, to be played inter-clubs. Each club plays one away and one home match against each of the other participating clubs.

The format may change with each year. This is a Silver division tournament played on Four Ball Better ball format with 2 points for a match won, 1 point for a halved Match and 0 point for a loss.The Conditions of Play are published by KLGU every year.



  1. There shall be Eight participating teams/clubs.

1.Muthaiga 2.Karen 3.Sigona 4.Railway 5.VetLabs    6.Royal       7.Limuru 8.Windsor

  1. Handicap limit be 0 – 20 (categories 1, 2 and 3 as per CONGU Handicap Categories – Silver Division).

A team shall consist of three pairs of players and one reserve if need be; hence a total of 7 players.

  1. Each of the Eight teams shall play 14 matches for the year (7 away and 7 home matches) against the other seven teams.
  2. The matches shall be played in the FOUR-BALL-BETTER-BALL (FBBB) format. Maximum strokes given/received will be 3 taken from 3/4 difference from the Back-marker amongst the four players.
  3. All matches will be played on Sundays. The first match must tee off at 1:00pm and subsequent matches at 10 minute intervals thereafter. The Team Captains must exchange their team names and order of play 15 minutes before the starting time (12.45pm). Failure to exchange the team names at the stipulated time (12.45pm) will result in loss of 1st hole for all three matches of defaulting team.
  4. It is the duty of the host club Team Captain to announce the sides and their tee off times in order of play before the first team tees off. It is recommended that all team players be present when the announcements are made; however, a side may be represented by one partner for all or any part of a match; all partners need not be present. An absent partner may join a match between holes but not during play of a holeRule 30-3a.
  5. Matches will be played in accordance with the pairings & order of play as provided by the team captains. The teams & pairings must be adhered to as announced.
  6. In the event of a player not turning up, the match may proceed with the one present player if the team captain does not wish to field the reserve or there is no reserve.
  7. Lateness on the tee for any side, Rule 6-3
  8. A walkover may be claimed if neither opposing team member tees off at the stipulated time & Rule 6-3 has been applied.
  9. Scoring: 2 points for a match won.

1 point for a match halved.

2 points conceded for a match not played.

  1. In the event of an overall tie between the competing clubs, the winner will be decided by a ‘sudden death’ play off. The team captains will nominate the pair for the play off & the game shall be played at a neutral venue which shall be decided by lot excluding the participating teams’ courses.
  2. At the beginning of the year every player must choose the club that she will be representing and may not change to play for another club within the year. A player must be a full member of the club she represents. The chosen club does not have to be the player’s handicapping club.
  3. If a club fails to produce a team for two consecutive matches, that team shall be withdrawn from the league and any points already earned shall be forfeited.
  4. If one is a member of more that one(1) club & the club of your choice does not select you to play for the said club, one may approach the team captain of the other clubs that you are a full member of and request to play for that team.
  5. The hosting club’s convenor must forward the results of the matches to the KLGU Francombe Convenor on the Monday following the match day.
  6. If, and only, if due to unavoidable circumstances, such as course closure due to adverse weather conditions, the match date should be changed or if a match needs to be otherwise Postponed, it must be done within a minimum of 7 days prior to the scheduled match day. Team captains of both clubs must agree to reschedule and they must alert the KLGU Francombe Convener citing valid reasons for the change of date.
  7. It is expected that all players participate in the ‘spirit of the game’ – that, all players conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times.
  8. All matches should be played on the date specified on the schedule and completed by

31st August 2015


KLGU Francombe Convenor: Mwongeli Nzioka               Mobile: 0722-250-570

Email: mwongelinzioka@yahoo.com